Code of Conduct

As umoci is part of the openSUSE project, we adopt the openSUSE Code of Conduct. This is enshrined in the openSUSE Guiding Principles, in particular:

[We value] respect for other persons and their contributions, for other opinions and beliefs. We listen to arguments and address problems in a constructive and open way. We believe that a diverse community based on mutual respect is the base for a creative and productive environment enabling the project to be truly successful. We don’t tolerate social discrimination and aim at creating an environment where people feel accepted and safe from offense.

In case of an violation of these principles (or any reasonable interpretation of the above principles), you may report it to the maintainers. If the maintainers are unable to handle this situation (or one of the maintainers is responsible for a code of conduct violation), then the issue can be escalated to the openSUSE Board who will be able to deal with the violation.

Both the maintainers and the Board assume all necessary rights to handle violations in a reasonable and proportionate manner. However, violations that happen outside of the openSUSE project and community may be decided to be outside the jurisdiction of this Code of Conduct (depending on the circumstances – and, as above, the Board can be escalated to in case of disagreement).